dj, producer from munich (germany)

actual location: Munich (germany)


Julian Brand, born and grown up in Munich is addicted to Techno since he was 15 years old.

At the beginning he listen to music from Anthony Rother, Fat Boy Slim, Speedy J, The Advent. and he loved the electronic music style more and more.

When he was 17 he got the chance to meet the Club Owner from the legandary “Strobe Club” in Munich.

from this moment he spent every weekend there and meet many people, concurrent he started djing and produce electronic music.

Kenned Pool, Promoter and Labelowner of Hardmunich Rec. saw his dedication and effort and allowed him to play.

Some Events followed in Munich.The People want more of this impulsive Sound and are more and more excited from his style; dark atmosphere,hypnotic and and a lot of Bass!

After the closing of the Strobe Club, he managed a couple of month with his 19 years the complette Booking for the replacement.

In September 2009 he created his own Radioshow called “Diamond Session Beats”, which is now containing as podcast.

After a long time in Studio, in December 2011 he released his first Track on the famous Label TKR by Torsten Kanzler. The next releases are allready signed and are waiting to hit the dancefloor.

We will definetely hear more from this artist in future!